Brabant: a top knowledge and innovation region
Brabant is a special province and the Brabander is not your average Dutchman. Pleasure and success are two sides of the same coin in this region. In Brabant, they know that the hard and soft sides of life strengthen one another. Feeling good means performing better. Rather than being a reward for success, pleasure leads to further success. The 'soft' sides of life in Brabant are therefore not at odds with the success of Brabant. A region where innovation, enterprise, partnership and hospitality go hand-in-hand. An enterprising, innovative, successful region in Europe, where life is pleasant. That's what makes Brabant unique.

By profiling the region in this way, more companies, knowledge workers, students and visitors will be drawn to Brabant, enabling us to sustain our economic prosperity and the good life of Brabant. This combination of the hard and soft sides of life thus forms the basis of success in Brabant. A success that is unique to Brabant, as only Brabanders share this mentality deep inside. A mentality that the rest of the Netherlands is a little bit jealous of!

High tech & high touch

Entrepreneurship, inventiveness, work hard and play hard. 
Cooperation, sharing knowhow, making a difference and quality of life.
Tradition, curiosity, innovation and hospitality and an easy-going nature.
That's what comes to mind when people think of Brabant.

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